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Spend several development cycles squashing long-standing bugs and paying off any tech. debt

Lots of great new features and capabilities have been made available with E+ over the years, but there are still many lingering bugs that seem to pop up unexpectedly. When these bugs pop up, there is a detrimental effect on project timelines and our ability to rely on E+ to do the heavy engineering lifting.

A good example is plant pumping systems; seems like the same types of issues are being reported by a number of users over the last year.

Also there appear to be some issues with sizing that get reported a lot; HW coils sizing to zero in the entire building, etc.

I trust that the developers know where the big bugs and deficiencies are and am suggesting that the amount of time needed to pay off tech debt be allocated in development timelines.

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Thank you for the suggestion! Planning for EnergyPlus development cycles is often a balance of prioritizing:

- new features,
- bug fixes (short term fixes),
- structural improvements to the code base (long term fixes),
- performance improvements (i.e., make EnergyPlus faster), and
- other usability improvements

The team will take your suggestion to focus more on the priorities beyond new features into consideration.


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