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Link Kiva ground heat transfer model to low temperature radiant model

The recently added Kiva ground heat transfer model can be used to perform detailed ground heat transfer from basements and slab-on-grade floors. Currently there is no method in EnergyPlus for estimating the heat loss to ground from slab-on-grade radiant floors. In this proposed task the ground heat transfer model Kiva would be linked to the low temperature zonal radiant floor model. Research has shown that heat loss from slab-on-grade radiant floors can be significant and should be accounted for when modelling these types of systems.

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  • MatthewSteen commented  · 

    I've modeled several vehicle maintenance facilities with radiant slab-on-grade floors.
    To my knowledge EP is unable to model the required Construction:InternalSource for the radiant system and Construction:FfactorGroundFloor to capture the ground heat transfer.

  • mjwitte commented  · 

    Site:GroundDomain;* should work to model ground heat transfer with radiant floors.

  • ncardwel commented  · 

    Is there an estimate of how many commercial buildings have this type of flooring? Seems uncommon but perhaps I am mistaken.

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