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Validate E+ according to European standards

I have found 1 report of E+ being validated according to the European NEN-EN-ISO 13791 standard, but that was over E+ version 8.2. As a European user I need to be able to show that E+ is validated against the standard mentioned above, as well as standards NEN-EN-ISO 15255 and NEN-EN-ISO 15256. The ASHRAE validation does not have the same level of authority on this side of the pond, since it has assumptions that are common for the US and Canadian market. EU countries simply approach energy use and indoor climate in a different way.

Some people who are unfamiliar with E+ would use the lack of validation according to EU standards a reason not to use E+, which I think would be a real shame. It would also be an interesting insight in how E+ functions compared to European simulation software, to see where we take a different approach and how that could affect results. Please consider this as part of each big E+ release, since working with up-to-date validated software is essential for the credibility of the software towards non-professional users and professional users alike.

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  • Amir Roth commented  · 

    Interesting suggestion.

    NREL has recently created OpenStudio model and reporting Measures that automate ASHRAE Standard 140/IRS energy model test suite. Perhaps some enterprising European modeler (cough, Julien Marrec, cough) could use those as a starting point to create a Measure set that would automate this testing for the relevant EN standards. For obvious reasons, don't think DOE is going to be able to foot the bill for this out of directed budget. Maybe it could happen through one of our international programs.

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