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Data center modeling

HVAC equipment (chillers, towers, water coils and DX coils) to cool data centers are operating at higher temperatures (e.g., supply air temperature and supply water temperature). EnergyPlus equipment models and performance curves are mostly designed/based on human comfort applications which usually have lower supply temperatures. There is a need to verify the accuracy of extending the existing HVAC equipment models and curves from human comfort applications to data center applications. This is a request from ASHRAE TC 9.9 and Standard 90.4.

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  • ncardwel commented  · 

    Agreed @amir; I'll add that data centers are designed with a different mindset than other buildings. As such, they are less apt to put emphasis on energy efficiency and, by extension, building energy modeling

  • nealkruis commented  · 

    I don't see this so much as a software problem as an input data accuracy problem. This should be closely coordinated with ASHRAE Standard 205. The sentiment during the development of Standard 205 is that curve fits are not an adequate way to represent performance for any application.

  • Amir Roth commented  · 

    Very important as data centers are an already large and steadily growing energy consumer.

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