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Allow Use of CSS with HTML Tabular File

The current HTML tabular file is used by almost all EnergyPlus users but is clunky looking and could be made much more attractive and easier to read if a CSS style sheet could be referenced. A CSS style sheet could also be used to make table of contents easier to access so that users could get to it more quickly. In order to make this happen the HTML generated by EnergyPlus needs to be cleaned up and made more compatible with a style sheet. For example, multiple levels of headings should be used, table header rows should be specifically identified, individual align right can be eliminated, extra br tags can be removed, and a reference to a style sheet should be included. It would best to make this an option directly within EnergyPlus so that the tabular file was constructed with the correct syntax to allow a CSS style sheet be applied directly. This effort would primarily be about constructing a HTML file but might also include a specific CSS file or else allow the user to provide a CSS file. An example of what is possible this has been developed by Julien Marrec and can be seen here:

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