How can we improve EnergyPlus?

Add/update Performance Data for key systems such as chillers, boilers, CHP, etc.

The E+ performance curve datasets have not been updated for a long time and the available performance data seems to have mostly gotten in there due to the manufacturer's interest (guess) to provide that data set. In short, these performance data sets are in most cases generic and make the use of E+ for complicated systems such as combined heat and power, accurate part-load performance of chillers/boilers, multi speed coils, etc. inconsistent if not unreliable depending on the modeler's expertise.

Many modelers have sheets or other simple tools to transform some datasheets to performance curves - it might be worth collecting best practices for those systems and distributing it with the software.

Some more complicated system performances are just not easy to account for unless if the manufacturer and E+ team has verified and provided it.

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