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Airflow Network Duct Autosizing

Autosize the ducts in AirflowNetwork based on Manual D. Automatically sizing ducts for desired flow rates will simplify specification of more complex models. NREL residential has a Manual J OpenStudio measure, so this could be done in OpenStudio, but the current feeling is that it’d be better in EnergyPlus

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  • stork commented  · 

    As someone who works daily with duct hydraulics and simmulations thereof and an experienced e+ user, I know that both the former and the latter are "expert" areas. e+ cannot simulate all the duct configurations, componants and interactions nessesary and would have to re-invent the simple "loop" architecture that it currently uses AND become a network solver similar to EPANET Basic Hydrulics 03 | Solution of the Gradient Method.

    It's doable, but a hell of a project.

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